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Alarm & CCTV Protection Decal

Alarm & CCTV Protection decal in door window

Blue Planet Security Corp. provides our customers with this protection decal to warn off burglars and other criminals. You are free to order replacement decals at any time. Using this decal is better than any generic decal or label. We are a real security products company with a web presence and toll free customer support. Our protection label is much more effective than any generic or fake label you can purchase. Your purchase includes two decal/labels for $6.95. Use one at the front door and one at the back door.

Set of Protection Labels/Decals

Blue Planet Security provides a set of two decals. We call them decals and labels because they are both. However, unlike an actual decal, no water is needed. The decal is a pressure sensitive label. It is printed in reverse so it sticks to the inside of your window and is readable from outside. It is clear like a decal.

BPH Decal next to our SecureVIN decal/label

BPH Decal next to our SecureVIN decal/label which has been in this window in direct sunlight for over five years.
Both label/decals are printed on our HP LaserJet 4600 color printer.

Alarm & CCTV Protection Decal - Set of 2 Labels - $6.95
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